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Welcome to VIV Creations!

We offer a completely personalised service, all our items are customised and created to your own specifications. 

Whether you require a natural habitat or a more elaborate theme, we are here to help

We offer a safe, non toxic, PVC free, self adhesive background in ANY design you require

Handmade Hides, Dig Boxes, Forage Boxes, Basking Platforms, ramps & Slates in ANY size or shape with ANY artwork

We have shared lots of our work to give you some ideas. However, feel free to drop us a message to discuss your requirements


About Us

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Fully Customised Designs

Pick your own design

At Viv Creations we aspire to transform basic Vivarium's into a unique paradise for your pet. We have standard background designs and commissioned designs, all of which are printed onto a high quality, PVC-free, non-toxic, waterproof and heat proof, fire resistant material.

Our backgrounds won't fade or crack over time and once they are fitted they don't release harmful fumes like some vinyl's on the market can.

Viv Creations also offer personalised wooden hides, basking platforms and slates which are all hand crafted, painted using water based non toxic materials and sealed using reptile safe materials before dispatch.