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Our Story

We are a couple of pals who started taking rescues that required vet treatment and a forever home where they would be showed the love they desperately needed and deserved.


We wanted to spoil our rescues and give them lovely things that they had never had, that's were Viv Creations was born.


Since we started, we have also managed to support by donating to many other animals in need including English Barn Cats, African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Animals affected by Bush Fires in Australia


We currently have around 25 pets/rescues between us which include Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, house rabbits, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Snakes, Cats, a Horsefield Tortoise, a Dog, a Water Dragon, a Whites Tree Frog and not forgetting the odd locust that ends up strutting across the TV 

Animal suffering is one of the biggest issues affecting our society today. From climate change to animal cruelty to pets looking for a home, our hands are full with both global and local challenges.

We are doing our bit in an attempt to make a difference and you will be doing the same whilst also spoiling your pets

Thank you so much for your support

Sharon & Kerry

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